Blind Date Interactive: THE MOVIE 
The film that lets YOU DECIDE what happens next!

This unique interactive experience explores a complex and baffling topic with poignant humor. John Lengsfelder facilitates an audience discussion about relationships using his film in which an ambitious, professional woman has agreed to a blind date with a widowed artist. Both want love and connection but are also fearful of the potential heartache. What unfolds during the date epitomizes the early phases of a relationship when both people reveal their defining characteristics.
Using clever filmmaking and digital technology Lengsfelder guides the audience through "decision points", where the audience must decide how the protagonist should handle difficult situations. The audience experiences the excitement and perils of dating with these two survivors. 

This is not a passive evening so be prepared to participate. Bring your experience, intuition, and sense of humor as well as your date to this entertaining evening of conversation, laughter and insight.  

Making decisions about someone else's life was never so much fun!

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