About the Filmmaker & Actors

About the Filmmaker

John Lengsfelder began actively pursuing a career in the arts in college where he crafted and sold metal sculptures in Boston.  His interest in photography spread to filmmaking and he eventually studied the diverse film opportunities offered by Boston’s Museum School, Denver University and the San Francisco Art Institute.  He moved from San Francisco to Hollywood in 1976 to co-found a film production company where he directed and produced commercials, public service announcements and docu-dramas.  In 1980 he got married and moved to Santa Barbara to raise a family.  

In 1982 he shot and produced “From the Ground Up,” a documentary on the recently launched first space shuttle. He went on to design and create “Ohm,” a large scale robotic device using early personal computers that would allow the rider of the machine to experience a unique combination of motions.  Ohm was cited as an early precursor to the virtual reality machines that soon followed.  Next, Lengsfelder co- produced a series of educational films focusing on safety and health before creating his first digital feature “Auditions” in 2002.  In this film he experimented with blending narrative story with actors and documentary footage of everyday people performing and confessing their own hopes and dreams.

In 2004, Lengsfelder transformed a public restroom into a political video commentary that added controversy and whimsy to “Blur”, a group show of more than 40 artists. John’s artistic bent has leaned and curved with a theme of experimentation, provocation and documentation.  "Blind Date Interactive" continues those themes by asking the audience to share and participate with the aim of providing a venue for self-examination and understanding.

About the Actors

Andrew Abelson

Abelson, guest-starring in shows such as "The Shield", "Terminator-The Sarah Connor Chronicles", "Will & Grace", "Medical Investigation", as well as  recurring roles on "Joan of Arcadia" and "Las Vegas", began his career on the London stage in sell-out productions of "The Ecstasy", "Bent", and "A Midsummer Night's Dream", at the Globe Theatre.  Abelson recently shot the features "Dirty Girl" co-starring Mila Jojovich & William H Macy, "Caffeine" co-starring Katherine Heigl & Mena Suvari, "The Gymnast" a recent festival hit, "New Suit", as well as playing all the waiters and chefs in Robert Zemekis' "The Polar Express" alongside Tom Hanks.

Jennifer Jean

For nearly three years Jennifer Jean has performed to sold-out crowds in a live stage adaptation of the 1991 action movie “Point Break”. Variety praised her comedic performance as “tartly terrific” and the LA Times said Jennifer “wryly skewers Lori Petty’s surfer girl”. Jennifer has recently appeared in national commercials for Travelers Insurance, CVS, and T-Mobile.

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