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"Lengsfelder [...] was inspired to create this unique film by his own interest in involving an audience in a process which is traditionally kept separate from them. 'I got tired of just putting out films where [the director has] no relationship with the audience,' Lengsfelder said. 'What I wanted to do with Blind Date Interactive was to take the experience of film, and make it a group experience.'”

                   - Natalia Cohen, The Santa Barbara Independent
                      (read the full preview here)

"John Lengsfelder spent the earlier part of his filmmaking career working in a typical linear form, where stories had beginnings, middles and ends before being packaged up and sold.  Apparently that wasn't enough for him."

   - Ted Mills, Scene Magazine, The Santa Barbara News-Press
   (read the full preview here - it's on pages 13 & 15)

Deemed "Worth the Drive" by the Santa Maria Sun!

Media Reviews

Lengsfelder has created a fascinating social experiment with Blind Date Interactive, which is also a very enjoyable evening’s entertainment — not to mention a Herculean feat of filmmaking. As the publicity on the film's web site states, 'Making decisions about someone else's life was never so much fun!'"

                          - Justine Sutton, Noozhawk
                            (read the full review here)

"[W]ith an audience whose decision making can drastically change the film’s outcome for better or worse, the show ultimately seems to be an art piece that explores how the way we decide can either make awkwardness the order of the day, or ignite a life-long affair. Lengsfelder leaves it up to us."

                           - Natalia Cohen, The Santa Barbara Independent 
                             (read the full review here)

Audience Reviews

“I was at opening night.
I would go again if time allows.
Thanks for the creativity!”

                          -Norman K. (via Blind Date Interactive fb page)

Very, very fun!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself this evening. Great job!”
             - Becky (via guest comment card)

“Fascinating process – you did an amazing job on the different choices – it must have been so complicated & you carried it off.  Congratulations.”

 -  Anonymous (via guest comment card)

“Very clever!  I want to see more of these.”

- Anonymous (via guest comment card)

"Loved the options of provocation or compromise - ending the relationship or investment in maintaining the relationship."

            - Anonymous (via guest comment card)

“A cool concept.  A novel evening – I wish there were more unusual events like this.  Better than sitting in a crowded bar or restaurant.  Good show.”

             - Anonymous (via guest comment card)

“Loved it – Fun! A movie that can be watched several times.”

             - K.K. (via guest comment card)

“Great idea!  Super fun!”

             - Anonymous (via guest comment card)

“It was very interesting for sure.” 

             - 365 Things to Do in Santa Barbara County/Montecito, California
               (via its facebook page)

“Loved it!  Very cool concept!  I think you are onto the next way movies can be interactive!  Cool!”

 -  Kimi Vandyk (via guest comment card)

"I very much enjoyed this.  Please make more in the future. 
Very entertaining & fun!  Thank you!"

 -  Meeshell (via guest comment card)

“Great concept!”

            - Anonymous (via guest comment card)

"A very creative idea, and I have great appreciation for what you’ve done
- this took SO MUCH focus & consideration!"

- Anonymous (via guest comment card)

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